5 best methods for teaching your kids while learning online

Helping your kids learning from home.

When the schools closed last year, parents all over the UK were put into teacher positions in their own homes. Some very quickly realised that Teaching school kids is a tough job and some came into their own with scheduled breaks, homework slots and a level of organisation only seen before in the military. Here are some tips from a teacher’s perspective to help you maintain and boost your child’s grades while at home. 

One of the key things that school helps to instill in your child is a sense of routine. Knowing what they have to do at certain times of the day removes a lot of time wasted in deciding and throwing things together at the last minute, it’s especially beneficial for children who might otherwise find their attention wavering. Knowing what to expect from the day helps your child to settle down and focus on one task at a time. This will make teaching them a lot easier. 

Create a routine

Also a sense of routine has been proven to help children succeed at school, with correlations being drawn to their prospects in later life. 

Get creative

We have all had that boring teacher who we didn’t like because they managed to turn the most interesting topics into something that we dreaded going to. Try not to follow the old school formula of reading from a textbook and repetition. 

Instead, see this as a unique opportunity to make learning a little different from school lessons. Find creative solutions to supplement their online lessons. This can be one around the house, for example, use the shopping list to help your child with their adding and subtracting or go out into the garden and find some bugs to analyse for Biology. 

Move around

Staying in one room all day can be hard for anyone, let alone kids who have double as much energy as us adults. It can also make every lesson turn into one big blur in your child’s memory. By changing up the location of your lessons then your child gets a fresh perspective and it helps with the memory of individual subjects. You can do this by doing something as simple as moving between rooms for their lessons, for example, learning in their bedroom, the kitchen, living room and even the garden (weather dependent).

Hire an online tutor

An online tutor is a simple solution to supplement the classes that you and the school are giving the kids. Especially if the tutor is from a site like Sherpa that focuses on qualified UK teachers. Teachers are familiar with the curriculums and are trained in the best methods to impart information and ensure that the material is embedded in a child’s long term memory. Sherpa offers tutors to kids of all ages from Primary School help to tutors that will guarantee a great 11+ pass and GCSE and A-level success. 

Take regular breaks

Last but not least, remember it is vital to take regular breaks from a child’s studying. Breaks are extremely important, particularly when it comes to learning. Your child’s brain needs time to process what you’ve been teaching it, and frequent breaks have been shown to improve learning.

But make sure your child’s breaks aren’t just them staring at a screen. Encourage them to get a breath of fresh air, a change of environment, and to relax. Frequent breaks will improve your child’s memory and keep them focused on learning.

All of these minor changes help to create a less monotonous experience for your child and keep them productive during their time stuck at home. To stay aware of signs that your child’s mental wellbeing is remaining positive check out this article by Sherpa produced for Children’s Mental Health Week in February and don’t forget to have a look at the online tuition available to them. 

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