7 Inspirational TED Talks for Students

TED Talks provide a reliable source of motivation, especially when you are in a funk. It is a means to listen to opinions and views of others and a significant way to build your knowledge through motivational speakers across the globe, and, most significantly, in the comfort of your home.

TED Talks are definitely most common nowadays. They provide significant ways of acquiring new ideas. They are also a host of other important topics related to education, technology, self-help, new ways of achieving goals, business ideas, etc. The learner can greatly benefit from TED talks. While there are many TED talks in various languages, you can face difficulties when deciding where to start. Below you will find seven of the best inspirational TED talks.

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What your grades really mean

As everybody believes in a neurotic society where all students work hard to attain the best grades, Eva Ren gives perception as to why results are still not indicative of accomplishment. The motivational talk should inspire and let you have a viewpoint on your roles within the learning experience, whether you have a fantastic GPA or stress over your grades.

The secret to student success

This TED Talk was delivered by Arel Moodie, revealing his challenges and fights as a student. He uses his challenges to characterize the journey to success as he copes with the real-life challenges of being raised in a tough neighborhood. Some elements of his narration are similar to most learners, but he ultimately links the teachings learned into a larger message that should be conventional by all.

How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed

Daniel Levitin is a famous neuroscientist. In this talk, Daniel takes his research and uses layman’s terms to allow his audience to learn the brain.

Levitin discusses the psychological impacts of stress in your body, which includes the release of cortisol, which tends to cloud judgment leaving the individuals unable to perform at their best. Stress is inevitable, and Levitin thinks there is a way to avoid making mistakes in stressful situations. He explains how people can use prospective hindsight to plan and get prepared to deal with stressful circumstances. As students, stress times are typical and can include midterms, registering times, final exams, or a forthcoming performance or project.

How do you define yourself?

Lizzie Velasquez is a popular motivational speaker, book author, YouTuber, and activist. She has an extremely rare congenital condition that thwarts her from accumulating body parts and gaining weight.

She explained in her talk that university is a great time for learners to discover who they are and appreciate what distinguishes them. She encourages students to build their aspirations and establish themselves in line with what they want to be now and what they want to become in the future.

You shouldn’t allow your appearance or impairment, as a student, to describe you. Ensure that you use your achievements, skills, and accomplishments to define you. Avoid listening to other negative things; actually, you should use them as a ladder to climb up in life.

The power of introverts

Extroverts are virtually everywhere. In the modern world, there is undoubtedly a focus on extraversion, but what part does introversion partake to play in contemporary society? Susan offers an evocative view of the influence of the true self in her speech, “The Power of Introverts.” This discussion can leave you feeling less alone about the difficulties introverts face in a world that prioritizes.  She covers the circumstances all introverts can relate to, helping you to realize that you can still have much potential despite what some might say. If you are always quiet in class, this talk may be useful for you.

The power of vulnerability

Sometimes, everyone feels vulnerable, and it is not a good feeling. Yet, it is an essential part of self-definition. Students can get this inspiring message from Brene Brown’s TED talk. In her talk, she highlights why most students are vulnerable and the role this quality plays in people’s capability to achieve goals.

The danger of silence

In this story, teacher Clint Smith will get you thinking about silence and discrimination. However, Smith’s speech is about finding the courage to speak against injustice and ignorance, with part of it offered through a powerful poem that will give you goosebumps.

Inspiration, as shown from these talks, comes from anywhere. TED Talks are a significant way to get inspiration and find the motivation to improve yourself both personally and professionally. There are numerous TED talks available, therefore don’t just stop at these.

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