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Have you seen these sports based resources for a possible cross curricular maths lesson? —

Guestblogger: @bettermaths We recognise that employers are asking for capable mathematicians who can apply their knowledge to authentic situations. We want teachers to support good teaching and learning whenever possible. The following lesson plan was submitted by a Head of Mathematics, following success with his KS4 students. It may be of interest to teachers who […]

Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun? —

Top 10 ways of making learning your times tables fun? “How do I make learning your times tables fun?” is a question asked by many Mathematics educators. This blog will be ongoing as I find different resources that educators have used and found effective to promote the engagement and learning of times tables. Please feel […]

How to solve the “simultaneous equations” of life, clever! —

People for years have been trying to find the solution to life, below is a solution based on a set of simultaneous equations : )! This would make a great plenary to a lesson on simultaneous equations. Enjoy!   Life   +       Love           =       Happy : ) Life   –       Love           =       Sad : ( ______________________________ […]