How to Make Math Fun and Keep Your Students Engaged

How to Make Math Fun and Keep Your Students Engaged

Math class has always been notorious for it’s less than exciting lessons but it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to how to make math fun here.

Recent studies concluded that the U.S. ranked 31st out of 79 countries in math performance. Scores for math examinations haven’t changed in the last 20 years.

With current math curriculums around the country, students have struggled with the subject. A study in San Francisco showed that 40% of 12th-grade students had to repeat Algebra I during their time in school.

Math doesn’t have to be so difficult for students if they start learning it in new ways at a young age. If you’re wondering how to make math fun for your students, keep reading to find out.

Make Math Time Play Time

The best way to change a student’s attitude toward math and make it more fun for them is to turn a math lesson into a game. There are many board games or card games that require math to play. This will show kids that while math is a challenge it can also be incorporated into playtime.

You can also create your own math games with your students to make the lesson feel more collaborative. Come up with a concept and divide your students into teams. They can work on their addition and subtraction by using regular classroom items.

Turn the Lesson Into an Interactive Activity

Sitting at a desk all day, working on problems can bore any active child. Turning the lesson into something interactive is the answer to the question, how to make math class fun.

Get your students excited about the math lesson by doing things differently. Bring in different packs of items like candies or toy soldiers and have them guess how many are in the pack. Take your class to a different area of the school and have them count the number of chairs or different items to work on their skills.

Make It Visual

Many kids, especially when they’re younger, are visual learners. You can’t get kids to learn math if you’re only presenting them with basic worksheets or if you lecture for the entire lesson.

You can find great visual resources, like picture books, so a math lesson feels like storytime. When a student sees a math problem in a bright and easy visual format, they’ll be able to better understand the concepts you’re trying to teach them.

Especially for elementary-aged students, giving them math worksheets that they can color is a great way to make class more fun.

Find Internet Resources

If you’re wondering how to make math fun for students, going online for resources is a great start. You’ll find games that can help students work on their multiplication and division and any other skill that needs brushing up. The best part is that students will feel like they’re playing a computer game and won’t realize they’re actually improving their math skills, keeping them engaged on the subject.

You can also download puzzles from the internet that can help your students work on their math skills, Sudoku is a great option.

Have Friendly Competitions

Nothing gets students more excited about a lesson than turning it into a competition. Competition can bring out great things in a student, they’ll be more engaged in the lesson and will associate math with fun.

You can have students come up to the board two at a time and time them to see who completes a problem faster. You can help the student who loses to feel better by working as a class to solving the problem on the board.

A scavenger hunt is another great way to have a friendly competition and have a fun math lesson. Make each step of the hunt a different concept with a math problem the students have worked on throughout the school year. Break them up into pairs so they can also learn to work with their peers to move on to the next round.

Relate Math to What Kids Like

Learning how to make math fun for middle school students might seem impossible but there are a lot of great ways to engage students in the lesson. Many times students have less interest in math because they can’t relate it to anything they like.

You can change this mindset by showing your students all the ways math connects to their favorite things. You can introduce certain concepts by baking their favorite cookies with them or play some of their favorite video games and incorporate scores into the math lesson.

Use Rewards

If you’re wondering how to make math lessons fun, implementing a rewards system can change your students’ attitudes toward the subject. Giving your students rewards like extra time at recess or fun goody bags shows them that their effort in learning the lesson will result in something good.

Sometimes younger students act out or become difficult when encountering school work they don’t like or that they struggle with. Creating a plan to help them navigate that will improve everyone’s experience.

You can create legally defensible behavior intervention plans for k12 students in under an hour. These plans can help your students improve their behavior and their attitude and make learning math fun.

Take the Lesson Outside

Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to improve student engagement. Kids need time outdoors and having the day’s math lesson under some shady trees can make it more fun. You can even add to the fun by using the sidewalk and some chalk to have the students write out some math problems.

The Best Tips on How to Make Math Fun

You might be struggling to figure out how to make math fun for your students but the tips listed above should help you out. Using games and rewards are a great way to make the lesson fun and increase student engagement. Check out some of our other blogs to learn more.

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