Have you heard the mouse family sing ‘The Twelve Times Table’?

Have you heard the mouse family sing ‘The Twelve Times Table’?

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After many years of being ignored the 12 times table is back in the news. – all children in England will be expected to know the 2 – 12 times table by age 11,

This is great for The Mouse Family who live at www.thetimestables.com

They love using rhymes and songs to teach young children, always a good way to learn things.

Grandma Mouse made a magic 12 times tale rhyme all about hearing noises in the night. Grandpa Mouse lit two candles and everyone went to see what was happening. They found it was Monty Mouse having a midnight feast in the kitchen!

mouse family

Here is her rhyme,  try singing the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You can watch the video The Mouse Family made at

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Times Tables

Granny Mouse woke up herself,
One times twelve is twelve.
Tiptoed on the creaking floor,
Two times twelve are twenty-four.
1 x 12= 12
2 x 12= 24

Grandpa lit two candle wicks,
Three times twelve are thirty-six.
Something woke him; was he late?
Four times twelve are forty-eight.
3 x 12= 36
4 x 12= 48

Mother Mouse woke up quickly,
Five times twelve are sixty.
Saw the stars, heard something, too
Six times twelve are seventy-two
5 x 12= 60
6 x 12= 72

Father Mouse, he pushed the door,
Seven times twelve are eighty-four.
Were his ears just playing tricks,
Eight times twelve are ninety-six.
7 x 12= 84
8 x 12= 96

Monty Mouse piled high his plate,
Nine times twelve are one hundred and eight.
Then saw Grandma smiling gently,
Ten times twelve are one hundred and twenty.
9 x 12= 108
10 x 12= 120

Mona told them all, “It’s true,”
Eleven times twelve are one hundred and thirty-two.
“Monty often eats much more.”
Twelve times twelve are one hundred and forty-four.
11 x 12=121
12 x 12=144

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