The Numberverse’s view on ‘How to Teach Primary Maths – anyone can feed sweets to sharks’

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Easy to read, easy to use and dead right!

This book is perfect for a teacher starting out. It brims with enthusiasm and ideas – all of them putting a thrill into Maths, but staying practical. Most of these ideas take minimal planning time and it’s difficult to imagine even the most unreachable 10-year-old frowning in the face of the author’s sweet-eating shark, bike up a tree and cardboard-box robots. Don’t think, though, that Tiley-Nunn is dumbing maths down or sugar-coating it with ‘fun’ starter activities that don’t get to the nitty-gritty. What he does is take each core concept of the curriculum and find a way to bring it to life for young people. He understands the critical importance of engaging children – getting them to see the point, see the magic, and see the funny side. I would love this book to be read in conjunction with my own – the author and I clearly agree on what is important, and I wish I’d thought of some of these things to do in class.

Primary Maths - anyone can feed sweets to sharks... (Phil Beadle's How To Teach Series)

Andrew Day, author of The Numberverse – How Numbers Are Bursting Out Of Everything And Just Want to Have Fun

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