Maths Lesson Starter Extension Problem – What are Congruent Shapes?

Maths Lesson Starter Extension Problem – What are Congruent Shapes? These are two great extension, stretch and challenge puzzles on congruent shapes. These could also be used as a great plenary or starter to a lesson, but ensure that you give learners the definition or even better get them independently research what it means for 2 shapes to be congruent. “Congruent means identical in shape and size. Shapes can be congruent even if one of them has been rotated or reflected”.

Post your answers to the puzzles below or @magicalmaths.

Hint think about the area of the shape and how many congruent shapes are needed!


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  1. Piers Young says:

    Love it – Thanks!

  2. Cindy Montzingo says:

    We couldn’t figure out the way to make 8 congruent shapes on the crown shaped problem. Help!

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