Maths Lesson Starter and Dynamic Display – The Four 4s problem

The task is simple, you ask your class to make all the numbers from 1 to 100 using FOUR 4s and any combination of Mathematical symbols. This is a great task to encourage competition and thinking skills.

I have used this task many times and it always gets learners engaged and excited. I have also created a dynamic display from the task that learners, teachers and guests are encouraged to update throughout the year. This helps to create a dynamic learning environment that OfSTED highly recommend.

I have had my display up for a couple of years and we still have a few solutions short of a complete set. I have a template created for learners to fill in so that their solution can be added to the display if their solution has not been found yet and satisfies the set criteria.

This resource could be used as a classroom or corridor display or even as a yearly competition.

The 4 4s Problem

It would be great to get some feedback and learn how you have used the resource in your learning environments.

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One comment on “Maths Lesson Starter and Dynamic Display – The Four 4s problem
  1. Andrew says:

    Love it!

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