An example of how teachers can make the “wright” impact! very emotional!

This is a phenomenal video illustrating how the smallest hope given to a pupil can make such an impact on their lives.

The video was part of a documentary “nothing to something” and shows the debt of gratitude that Ian Wright had for his school Sid Pidgam. His teacher was his positive male role model,gave him time, developed his football, taught him to communicate. This relationship was so important to Ian Wright especially as he never really had a father, and his step dad was a real destructive presence in his life.

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  1. Mary Lloyd says:

    This is so moving – both teacher & ex-pupil.

    I taught secondary English 25 years in 2 schools in poor areas. It always has me near tears when I run into an ex-student who says, ‘O it’s Miss, innit!’ – specially when he has two beautiful blonde tiny daughters clinging round his (amateur) footballer’s knees.
    But I wish I’d had a maths teacher like Mr Pidgin. I passed O/L at B & A/S at C but our teacher terrified me. She used to throw the board-rubber at our heads – in a Girls’ Grammar in Tory Surrey!

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