What makes “The Perfect #OfSTED Lesson” – a door stop or an outstanding read?

The Perfect OfSTED Lesson

Before our recent OfSTED inspection every member of staff in the school was given a copy of the “The Perfect Ofsted Lesson”. I am not going to say that it helped with the final verdict but it was definitely a good read to help prepare for the event. Some staff still use it as a door stop but other do keep it on their desks as a reference point.

The book can be found here if you are interested in purchasing The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson – revised and updated

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The Perfect OfSTED lesson

The Perfect OfSTED lesson

“How to make that whole school inspection practically perfect in every way. What is it that makes a `good` school an `outstanding` one? What are the inspectors looking for? What is it that the outstanding schools do that catches the Ofsted inspector`s eye? To answer these questions, Jackie has combined her extensive experience in education with research done in schools recently awarded that `outstanding` gold star.”

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