This is definitely going to be a best seller! Everything I know about teaching Michael #Gove

Everything I know about teaching is a book that, to be honest, I am not sure if  is for real but it is worth reading the review comments on Amazon alone. Absolutely hilarious!

The book reviews can be read here and the book itself can actually be purchased via Amazon. Everything I know about teaching

5 Star Review

“Mr Gove has so much to say about many things. It is a delight to read his considered thoughts on education. As a headteacher I sometimes find that the quantity of initiatives coming into schools can be overwhelming and ill-considered. This book contains no such initiatives. Everything in it comes from Mr Gove’s carefully thought through grand plan for education, lucidly presented which makes for an easy read for anyone, whether they scored 40 in a pathetic phonics test or zero. The grammar is impeccable and clearly benefits from regular testing against no statutory criteria, and I am pleased to see an explanation of the term “dash cohesion” which I find in the new national curriculum (draft) and nowhere else in the English language (internet anyway). The section on assessment is particularly illuminating, as it so accurately reflects the new national curriculum’s approach to assessment, (though to properly reflect this he should really have included a test at the end, which could be changed without notice). I am looking forward to writing on these pages myself, as I am sure every other teacher in the country is.
In short, a modern classic, containing the all the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime of listening to noone but himself.”

Everything I know about teaching Michael Gove

Everything I know about teaching Michael Gove

1 Star Review

“Be warned, this is an extremely taxing read from a world-class neoliberal theoretician in postmodern pedagogy. Gove leaps every boundary of knowledge and experience to demolish everything that we think we know about teaching, children, human psychology, aspiration, equality of opportunity, democracy and choice. We are left with a radical vision of breathtaking reforms that are Gove’s gift to future generations of shareholders. But why oh why did it have to be printed in green ink?

I know most reviewers have said their copies are blank, but I can only guess they lack the necessary pair of rose tinted glasses. These are freely available from Conservative Central Office in exchange for a small donation.”

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