A must watch for all Teachers!!! If only I Knew Then >> A Letter to Me on My First Day of Teaching

My First Day Of Teaching

I was browsing through the Edutopia web site and came across a great video on teacher appreciation week. It got me thinking about an idea for a teacher training/reflection activity that I am now planning to deliver for next year as a teacher CPD twilight. The idea is very simple,  if you were to write a letter to yourself for you to read on your very first day of teaching, what would you say to yourself? Try to think back about how you felt on your first day, even if it was a very long time ago  : )

What would you ask?

  • What words of encouragement would you write?
  • What are the pitfalls you need to look out for?
  • What are the misconceptions of teaching?
  • What makes you happy as a teacher?
  • How to the pupils make you feel?

I plan to get the teachers who attend the training course to reflect and write a letter to themselves, and then read it to each other at the end of the session. I will let you know how it goes!

Comments are FREE, please leave one below and share this video. What are the things you would tell yourself on your first day of teaching?

If only I Knew Then >> A Letter to Me on My First Day of Teaching

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