Start your Math lesson with a problem using the current DATE! What a quick win! #shareamathsstarter

Guest Blogger: @japleen_kaur1

Share a Maths Starter

I always set date maths as a starter for my classes. The students have to use all of the digits in today’s date to make numbers from 1 to 30. They can use any operation as many times as needed. (Factorial is allowed!) If the students want to use powers, they can only use the digits they have. Students love the challenge of making the numbers. I leave the numbers made on the side of my board, so that the next class can make up the missing numbers and so on.

By the end if the day I have most of the numbers made or extended to 50, 60 etc. One of my classes make negative numbers from -30 to -1. This task is lovely and can be differentiated as per your class ability. For very low ability, they do not have to use all of the digits or they can use the digits more than once.

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