Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? :: UPDATED ::

Do you know the 10 Principles of Assessment For Learning? This has recently been updated with an image from tweeting teacher. Please share and comment below.

The ten principles of assessment for learning to guide classroom practice identified by the Assessment Reform Group [2002]:

Assessment for learning should:

1. Be part of effective planning for teaching and learning;
2. Focus on how students learn;
3. Be recognized as central to classroom practice;
4. Be regarded as a key professional skill for teachers;
5. Be sensitive and constructive because any assessment has an emotional impact;
6. Take account of the importance of learner motivation;
7. Promote commitment to learning goals and awareness of assessment criteria;
8. Help learners receive constructive guidance on ways for improvement;
9. Develop learners’ capacity for self-assessment;
10. Recognise the full spectrum of educational achievements of all learners.

It is reasonable to believe that by following these fundamental principles classroom teachers will be able to successfully implement effective assessment techniques in their classrooms and raise learner achievement

10 Principles of Asessment For Learning

10 Principles of Asessment For Learning


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