You will be inspired with this simple way in which this boy dealt with his bullies? WOW!

Beat Bullying in Schools

This is truly an inspiring story about how a simple act of kindness changed the way a whole school behaved. This made a great form time discussion and I have also played it as a starter to many of my lessons this week.

The video is 6 minutes long and tells the story of Josh and how just opening a door was more than just a physical act of kindness. He used it to put himself out there, to get to know people, make friends, make them feel comfortable, and make them feel welcome.

beat bullying in schools

Josh was being bullied and after he decided to make a change in his school life he consequently had a dramatic impact on his well being and his peers.

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  1. I will be using this in class to make the children more aware of what little changes can be made to have a huge impact.

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