Top 10 Interactive Whiteboard Resources That Every Teacher Should Use! Interactive!

Interactive whiteboard resources

Using the interactive whiteboard effectively is an area that most teachers would love to develop their skill set in. However, make sure when developing resources that you check to see if it is already available on the web. It is pointless spending hours reinventing the wheel when you can download an interactive whiteboard resource for free and tweak it for your use. Unfortunately not many schools offer the right level of support for their teachers, especially considering thousands of pounds have probably been spent on getting the infrastructure in place in the first place.

Below are the top 10 resources that are available on the site to use and share to develop pedagogy and learning.

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1) Countdown clock

The added advantage is that the timer has Fractions, Decimals and Percentages of how much time there is left on the time. A great way to introduce numeracy into your lessons! A quick win!

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  1. iseult says:

    that’s really great but how do I copy it?

  2. Dave says:

    Top 10? I can only find one resource?

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