Top 5 steps to improved leadership and successful learning conversations?

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Have you seen the top 5 steps to improved leadership and successful learning conversations? 

Using the coaching model to prepare teachers for leadership roles and conversations

All this and more has been part of our school development for the past twelve months. The programme has changed our working practises and our learning conversations for the better. We are always reflecting and moving forward.

Using the wheel of life approach to identify key leadership skills and practises
Identifying 8 areas of leadership one for each quadrant on the wheel and dividing each quadrant according to how successful you feel in that area.
Identifying personal objectives leading to increased professional effectiveness
Reflecting upon leadership wheels to decide upon an area you would like to explore further or gain more experience in
Brainstorming as many options as possible to achieve the identified goal
No idea too wild, no thought unworthy. Even ideas that a guru in leadership might suggest if asked.
Clarifying leadership types which best fit you and those in your team
What do you need to maintain focus – a system and process, excitement, social recognition?
Using all that has been put in place to recognise potential barriers and how to overcome them
Difficult conversations and how they can be structured to suit a different character Presenting to an audience who have a focus different to yours

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