Free advice on what happens in the attainment meeting during an OfSTED inspection? Great insight!

Most OfSTED inspectors would charge some ridiculous amounts of money for this information but here it is for you completely FREE : ) !

Under the new framework the “Attainment” meeting is arguably one of the most important meetings that will happen during an OfSTED inspection. A school will not be given an Outstanding if it does not have outstanding attainment, and likewise with the judgement of good, requires improvement and inadequate. There will always be a heavy  focus on achievement in the early part  of an inspection. The result of this meeting will shape the profile of the inspection and therefore this meeting must be a priority to perform in.

The following is a summary of the areas that COULD possibly be discussed;

  • Expected progress and better than expected progress is a key measure to judge good/outstanding schools and this will be investigated and discussed!
  • Pupil Premium impact must be highlighted and must demonstrated by schools. Is the government/pupils/parents getting value for money?
  • The Current status of KS4 learners were will discussed. Where are they now? Where will they be? Do you have a battle plan? Current data?
  • The Current achievement of KS3 learners including progression will be probed.
  • Achievement of SEN pupils will be discussed in particular statement pupils.
  • The progress and attainment of key groups of learners, i.e. FSM,. BME and FSM6 learners
  • Discussions and analysis of Maths and English attainment with emphasis on KS2 to KS3 progression!

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