FREE advice online on what questions to expect in an OfSTED meeting if you are a school leader!

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As a Mathematics leader you will almost definitely be asked to be part of a meeting with one of the OfSTED inspectors during an inspection.

Do not PANIC, you will be just fine, remember that the OfSTED inspector is human and does not want to trip you up, but just get an honest snap shot of your faculty.  The key thing is to be honest! You do not want to be caught out! The inspector will normally be very skilled in asking the right questions to get the right answers : )

The best thing you can do is plan to succeed by considering some of the advice below.

Sir Michael Wilshaw head of ofsted

Sir Michael Wilshaw head of ofsted

OfSTED Questions

In the meeting that will be arranged probably late in the first day, will probably address many of the following;

  • Why the attainment trend is downward or upward? Basically, why is Maths where it is now?
  • General Poor, good and outstanding  teaching that had been observed. Specific teachers will not be discussed!! What do you do develop your faculty?
  • Do you do lesson observations or learning walks? What is the impact of these?
  • Student intervention programmes and their impact!
  • Schemes of work analysis. Lesson by lesson vs topic by topic.
  • Differentiation in lessons.
  • Class setting and their impact
  • SMSC provisions
  • Stretch and challenge
  • Data tracking at KS3, KS4 and KS5.
  • Future ambitions for the faculty
  • KS5 results and analysis.
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2 comments on “FREE advice online on what questions to expect in an OfSTED meeting if you are a school leader!
  1. Maryse says:

    Great advice. I had a meeting totally based on Raise and everything was around that. Needed to know it inside out! Also used the older ones to show trends. Also – totally honest about the data – he could read it as well as a maths HOD!

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