APA Essay Formatting and Style Guide

APA Essay Formatting and Style Guide

One of the worst things that can happen to a student is using plagiarized content. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty so it may lead to very serious consequences. To avoid plagiarism in your papers, you should properly cite all the sources according to the necessary citation format. In addition, various styles require you to format the entire paper in a certain way.

In this article, we are going to consider the APA (American Psychological Association) format, which is commonly used in education, psychology, and other social sciences. 

General Features

When formatting your paper according to APA style, you should use double spaces, one-inch margins on all sides, and a simple font, such as 12 pt. Times New Roman. You should also include a running head at the top of each page. The running head must contain a shortened title of your paper written in all caps and a page number.

Title Page

The title page must include the running head, the title of your work, your name, and affiliation. Use both upper- and lower-case letters, and provide this information at the top half of the title page. According to the APA guidelines, your title shouldn’t be longer than 12 words. Don’t use unnecessary words that don’t add any meaning to your title, such as “a study of…” or “an investigation on…” You should also avoid using degrees or titles (Ph.D., Dr.) before and after your name.

Reference Page

The reference page must include all the sources that you’ve cited in your paper. This is the last section of APA papers. It must begin on a new page and be titled “References,” with no quotation marks. The References title shouldn’t be italicized or underlined.

When listing authors, sort them in alphabetical order, starting with their last names. The first line of a reference must be flush left, while the following lines should be indented. When citing articles, you should only capitalize the first letter and a letter that follows a colon. However, when writing the title of a journal, you need to capitalize all the major words. Titles of journals should also be italicized, along with the volume number. If there are several sources written by the same author, sort them chronologically, starting from the oldest one.

Begin each entry in the Reference page with the author’s last name, followed by their initials and the year of publication in parentheses. After this, provide the title of the source. When citing articles, the title of an article must be followed by the title of the journal. After this, provide the volume number and page number, as well as a DOI, if it’s available. When citing books, an italicized title of a book must be followed by the city where the book was published and the publisher.

Wrapping Up

APA is one of the most common academic formats, which is used in numerous disciplines. It may seem a little bit tricky, especially if you’re writing your very first paper in APA format. But no need to worry! It’s actually easier than it might seem.

To learn more about the rules of APA format, please check out the official APA website. If it doesn’t help, you can always find a professional writer or editor to help you with it. Review websites like LegitWritingServices can help you find an essay writing service to format your essay according to the required format or write it from scratch. A professional editor will give you a sample of what you need and explain all the peculiarities of the APA format.

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