7 simple reminders when life gets you down! Please share as you don’t know who might just need it!

When life gets you down

If you somehow get to read this post please share as you just do not know who might need it at the moment! It probably will make the difference to someone out there who really needs a lift from when life is getting them down.

As I write this entry I have a lot on my mind and not feeling 100% at the moment, but that is a separate article in itself : ) . However, I know that point 3 below will always eventually come into play, always! If you ever feel down remind yourself of the most important things in life like family, health and the following;

smile image picture

smile image picture


7 simple reminders when life gets you down

  1. Make peace with your past, live in the present, and do not allow the past to ruin it! 
  2. What others think of you is none of your business! Let them think what they think!
  3. Time heals everything, well almost everything. Give it some time!
  4. No one is the reason for your happiness apart from yourself….smile right now….see I told you so : )
  5. Do not compare your life to others, you are probably only comparing it to their highlight reel!
  6. Stop thinking too much, it is okay not to know everything and have problems that you have not solved.
  7. This was going to be do some exercise, but smile again, you have just exercise 37 odd muscles in your face!
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