Have you seen Qwizdom Oktopus? The Student Collaboration Software!

Have you seen Qwizdom Oktopus? The Student Collaboration Software!

Guestblogger: TanyaDeMots

Introduction: What is Oktopus?

Oktopus is a multi-purpose software designed for touch displays, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Just like its cephalopod mollusk namesake, Oktopus is able to reach out and grab student attention from many directions. Extending its long (virtual) suction cup arms, students are pulled into the classroom lesson. The whimsical name alludes to the user’s ability to collaborate with students. Students can follow the instructor’s presentation on a tablet or smart device, answer questions, receive instant feedback and share their work with the group. Teachers can choose from 70 interactive tools that bring math, reading or science lessons to life.

Qwizdom Oktopus - Student Collaboration Software




  • 70+ Interactive, Touch-Friendly Tools for Drawing, Math, English, Science and Geography. You can start a presentation, display the screen across devices in the room and use subject- specific tools to illustrate key concepts.
  • 8+ Polling Question Types
    Results are gathered instantly and can be viewed in real time or post-session in a variety of reporting formats, including pdf and csv.
  • Student Collaboration with Smart Devices, Desktops and/or Laptops. Let students show their work with the group by selecting specific students to share their screen.
  • Available in 42 Languages and Compatible with Mac, Windows and Android
  • Works Over Browser Content & Proprietary Applications
  • Multi-Touch & Multi-Pen
  • Record Audio & Video
  • Save Lessons for Future Use (with the Notes Plus App)


Oktopus is simple to use. Tools work smoothly and are intuitively designed for ease of use. Select your tools by scrolling through the tool pallets, organized by subject. Start a presentation and use the polling tools to pose questions. Instantly collect and display data and generate reports post session.

Participants can view live lessons, respond, share screens, take notes and save presentations for review using any tablet or laptop.

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. You can annotate over any application or web browser. Share your screen and collaborate over documents of your choosing. This gives you the ability to simply enhance what you are currently using. You don’t have to recreate materials or learn a new complex software program.

The locally installed software comes bundled with math and language arts learning games for added fun and healthy competition.


Connecting students to a live presentation is a little confusing the first time, but a quick review of the help materials is all that it will take to get up and running. I recommend doing a brief trial run before using Oktopus with your class so you can give clear instructions to your students.

The tablet collaboration piece is driven by the Qwizdom’s Notes+ application. Oktopus only comes with 5 Notes+ licenses. If you would like to connect your entire class, you will need to purchase additional licenses. However, the software is priced very competitively, so adding the additional licenses will not break the bank.



Oktopus is a robust instructional software that truly engages students. Students are encouraged to become involved in the lessons by answering questions and sharing their work with their peers. What really sets Oktopus apart from other products like Display Note and ClassFlow is the ability to use Oktopus over the top of any web page or proprietary software. Simply launch Oktopus in Glass Mode and then use the floating tool pallets to illustrate and demonstrate your main concepts. Oktopus offers the most polling question types and provides students right/wrong feedback (with some questions). The software is competitively priced and includes 70+ interactive tools that allow teachers to customize and enhance their existing lessons. Lastly, LAN Collaboration allows the software to work in a safe, local network that requires no internet connection. For more information, or if you would like a free trial, please visit www.qwizdom.com/oktopus-software.

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