Has anyone had the chance to use the IPEVO IS-01 whiteboard system?

Has anyone had the chance to use the IPEVO IS-01 whiteboard system?

I was giving the amazing opportunity to take a look at the IPEVO IS-01 whiteboard system and see how well it worked in the classroom. I always love the “out of the box” experience and this product did not disappoint. The system comes in a very well presented and fairly small package with all the components easy to unpack and setup.

The initial setup was very straightforward and the “easy setup guide” helped to get the system up and running very easily. However, I am pretty “tech savvy” so that may have helped the process! The most difficult part of the setup was the calibration, but if you have used an interactive board system in the past, then this eventually becomes self explanatory.

I initially set up the system at home and then done the same in a classroom environment. I found setting up the product for the second time even easier and found that the interactive board worked better in a classroom environment where there was a lot more space and I could manage light coming into the room. After the calibration using the system and pen is a little tricky but after a bit of trial and error it becomes easier to use. It is worth noting that the product requires a projector of your own to work, I say this as a colleague of mine thought that my projector came with the product and we had a little laugh about the fact that the HD projector was actually mine.

I would suggest making sure that you practice using the system for a while before you use it in a lesson. I was highly confident and used it in a lesson and ended up embarrassing myself a couple of times. Although I was very impressed with the technology I decided to get some colleagues to test the product too. We were all in agreement that the product is useful in terms of a device that is mobile but writing on the board was not as free flowing as other interactive board systems. This may improve the more we use the product and become familiar with it.

One member of my team actually wanted to purchase the product for his home tutoring business and another was intrigued about the next version of the product. We all felt that for the price you pay for the system, it is definitely good value for your money. I found the pen a little too long for me, and it did not feel as good as other pen devices that I have used in the past. Also, standing in front of the projector meant that the device was in a state that you could write on the wall until the projected image was visible. This although, a little frustrating took a bit of time getting used to.

If your school has a limited budget and you need an affordable and easy to use whiteboard system then this product may be a solution to look into. The fact that it is mobile and will allow you to take the system wherever you go is a great advantage.

For more information on the product and how it works you can visit the IPEVO website or visit their youtube channel for some great videos on the product. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below and I will be more than happy to respond to them.

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