Do not be the “Odd One Out”, check out these Math Lesson Starters! #shareamathsstarter

Guest Blogger: @Debbie_Hart_UK

Math Lesson Starter: #Shareamathsstarter

I’m a great fan of work which is self-checking, hence I created a set of starter activities that include the answers. Students are given a grid containing 16 possible answers. I then show 15 questions. The answers to the questions are contained in the grid – the students just have to work out what they are. If their answer doesn’t appear in the grid then they know they’ve made a mistake.

When the task is finished there should be one answer not used. I try to include an extension question based on this answer to keep those who finish first occupied.

The tasks are particularly useful if you want students to practise a particular skill as an introduction to a topic, such as finding squares and sqaure roots when starting Pythagoras’ theorem.

Odd One Out Tasks

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