Differentiate by Maths task? Have you checked out Mr Carter Maths yet?

Differentiate by Maths task? Have you checked out Mr Carter Maths yet?

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Differentiate by Maths task? Have you checked out Mr Carter Maths yet?

I have launched a new website and with that comes my first ever blog post! Busy exciting times.

Mr Carter Maths

So where to start? www.MrCarterMaths.com is something I have been planning for a while now, I am trying to solve the problem every Mathematics teachers comes across eventually, creating more questions. My site is dedicated to creating sets of questions that all use number generators to allow teachers or students to quickly create new sets of problems to allow practice and development. This is not a new concept and I am aware that there are plenty of number generators around, however I am trying to stand out from the crowd by making my website with the classroom in mind. All of the pages have been made with the intention of the being used on a large interactive whiteboard, with text large enough that even the kids at the back can read it!

Again with the classroom in mind all of the question from my site come in a bronze, silver, gold format allowing teachers to differentiate with ease. Hopefully allowing all of the pupils in the room to be adequately challenged. When they are ready teachers can share the answers with the pupils at the click of a button, in my own classroom I often use this as an opportunity to get the pupils to reflect and decide if the should be moving onto the next section.

When I started the project the obvious place to start was Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, since then I have managed to add a wide range to my site. Although there are a lot of topics for me to add, I have tried to start by tackling some of the more difficult areas first, for example both the Plotting Equations and Bar Charts pages provided challenges in terms of showing the solutions; nobody wants to see 15 bar charts at once!

Bar Chart - Answers

Another challenge has been to display some of the more awkward areas of maths such as fractions and indices, in a manner that allows them to appear in a natural state. With the help of MathJax this has been achieved.


I plan to keep adding to my site weekly, until I have covered the content required for GCSE, once this has been done I will be looking to add features such as problem solving to give the site another level. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far, follow me on twitter (@MrCarterMaths) if you would like updates!

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  1. zane says:

    i will like to go and visit mister cartars maths .com for an educational task from my maths teacher

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