Be Aware Teacher! These Are the Ways Students Cheat in Exams

Be Aware Teacher! These Are the Ways Students Cheat in Exams

Thousands of students start cheating because they want to keep up with the expectations of their parents and want to get the highest grade in order not to disappoint them. It is no secret that student life is challenging and full of writing various assignments, preparing for tests and exams. Students have no time to live a normal life, not mentioning an academic one. Instead of spending hours stressing out and trying to cram every piece of notes, they find some genius ways to cheat on tests. These genius ways can be used in every test, let it be a history or physics exam. In such a way, students try to boost their grades and to improve academic performance. 


Students consider the following methods the best ways to cheat, and I’ll tell you now about them. Being a teacher, you have to know about all of them. 

1.   Using Cell Phone

 It is hard to imagine a modern learner without a phone. It can also be used as a perfect way to cheat. Learners record notes as audio files into their phones. Then they use earphones hidden by their long hair, hijab, or hands when they place them near an ear to listen to answers. Yes, to prevent this kind of cheating, better to ask students to leave their phones in the basket and put it on the windowsill. 

2.   Using an Eraser

Students sometimes take their erasers and cut them into two pieces where they hide a small paper with answers or formulas written. That paper will be glued to each side of the eraser pieces, thereby, it’s between them.

So, when the learner stretches the eraser, the paper unwinds, and all the answers are there. 

Yes, although the eraser doesn’t arouse suspicion as a cheating tool, now you know that it can also be used as a way to hide some formulas and dates for the coming math or history exams. 

3.   Using Tissue

Some learners pretend to have a cold or an allergy to get good grades on that exam. All they need is tissue or a box of tissues where they have already written some notes or answers.

If they are faced with a difficult question, all they have to do is take the tissue and pretend to be blowing their nose. So, you have mentioned really ill students having a running nose? Offer them to take an exam the next time when they feel a bit better.  

4.   Using a Water Bottle

Water or drinks are allowed in most exam rooms, but did you know that they can help in how to cheat on a test. Everything students have to do is remove the label and attach notes, answers, or formulas on the backside of the label. Learners reattach the label with the written answers and walk into the exam hall. They check out the notes or pieces of paper through the water bottle. It is considered to be an effective way to cheat because teachers usually don’t pay attention to water bottles. So, in order to prevent this kind of cheating, better put a bottle of water on the teacher’s table and offer your students to drink it. 

Exam cheating, just like college homework help online, helps students to pass their exams and tests. If you are a teacher, be aware of these ways to cheat and try to prevent them in your classroom. Let your students know and understand that they get grades for themselves, not for their parents or teachers. Yes, getting high grades is important, but it is less important than students’ nerves and sleepless nights. 

One comment on “Be Aware Teacher! These Are the Ways Students Cheat in Exams
  1. Bryan Moore says:

    Another one was writing the answers up their arms and sometimes on their ankles. The ingenuity some people will come up with to cheat the system, may in fact help them in later life ironically.

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