Have you seen the must have app all teachers can try for FREE?

Have you seen the must have app all teachers can try for FREE?

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Maths Tutor

In this day and age, with technology playing a much larger part in schools, it can be difficult to find resources that facilitate learning in an effective manner. There are thousands of apps available to choose from, but how do you know which ones are going to be beneficial to your students?
Maths app in the classroom

The problem is that many Maths apps out there at the moment are game-based and don’t go much further than that. Of course, we’re not saying you can’t learn from game based apps – Tynker,HopscotchScratchJr and Hakitzu are fine examples of teaching children how to code, but we felt as though there was a real gap in providing teachers with a  solid resource that not only tracks the progress of their students, but at the same time is also fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

This is the reason why we have developed Maths Tutor. It’s an award-winning free app to try out and includes 8 curriculum topics to help improve student’s numeracy skills and overall engagement in Maths. The app was launched only just a few months ago, and the feedback we have received from teachers in Primary schools so far has been overwhelming. And in even more exciting news, Maths Tutor has also been short-listed for the prestigious BETT Awards in January 2016 – something we’ll definitely be keeping our fingers and toes crossed for!

KS2 Maths Intervention tool

As we work alongside teachers so often, we wanted to help by developing an app that could be easily accessed by teachers to teach key maths curriculum topics to their students. One of the key features of Maths Tutor is its cross-platform functionality. This means that one user (either a student or teacher) is able to log in on an iPad, Android device, Computer or jump in front of the class on the Interactive whiteboard and get stuck in. Having this flexibility has brought something very unique to the app market, because teachers are able to use the app in the classroom and then set tasks for homework in preparation for the next day’s lesson. There’s also the added bonus of seeing which students didn’t complete their homework…
Maths Tutor reporting Can I eat it for you?
However, as with any resource you use in the classroom, you’d want to check the progress of your class and hope that it provides measurable and quantifiable results. Maths Tutor does just that and can even identify key strengths and weaknesses of each student alongside the curriculum requirements.

Maths Tutor Topics include:-

To try the award-winning app for free for your entire class, click on the links below

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