Have you ever thought about becoming a Biostatistician? One great Math-related job!

Have you ever thought about becoming a Biostatistician? One great Math-related job!

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Math Jobs

Continuing math beyond high school and maintaining a level of understanding and ability can put you in the front of the line for job opportunities and advancement. The skill alone predicts one to have a higher overall salary than someone without any advanced skill in mathematics.

One of the math-related jobs with the greatest salary and job outlook is a Biostatistician. Statisticians have an estimated 10-year job growth (2012-2022) of 27% which is much higher than any typical job field. The field of Biostatistics will likely grow at an even higher rate than that with the growing interest in medical topics, insurance, and public health!

What do you get to do as a Biostatistician?

Often you may get to collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals on exciting, innovative, and life-changing projects and research. Depending on where you are employed, you may help design and test drug trials, analyze disease-related data, design and summarize surveys, or predict genetic-related outcomes. There is an immense amount of opportunities and possibilities through work as a Biostatistician.

Not only do you get to focus on working alone at times, problem-solving, and coming up with ideas and solutions – but you often collaborate on a team with various other professionals. As long as you can keep up your communication skills, have an understanding of independent problem-solving, and a natural curiosity for answers, a Biostatistician position is a great fit!

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