Has anyone heard of zondle TABLES?

Ever since I’ve been involved with zondle, I have wanted to create a times tables product for schools and especially children. It stems from my time as a teaching assistant of Year 5 and 6 kids in Whitmore School, Hackney and Edward Wilson School, Notting Hill where I gave short tutoring lessons with individuals and small groups focusing on their core number skills. Playing games with dice and cards and counters to improve their retention of these key facts might not be the sexiest bit of teaching but I totally believe that once you’ve got it, it’s there for life and makes the rest of Maths (and indeed any data driven subject) MUCH easier to cope with. Also, the children I worked with loved knowing the facts. It built their confidence.

 While I was trying my best in schools, Wayne and Doug were building zondle to allow children to answer questions (of any type) while they play games. zondle keeps kids engaged while they learn facts, skills and core knowledge.

 What I have learned since is how powerful the zondle platform is at helping children get key number facts into their long term memory (so it’s there for life). The ‘science behind zondle’ is based in deep research into education and neuroscience from the Universities of Oxford and Bristol but confirms to me what I knew intuitively.


About zondle

zondle is a games based learning platform that allows teachers to search for questions (or write their own) and then set them to children who play those questions in games that they choose. This keeps the children on task and engaged. Games can be played online or via a FREE mobile app.

In addition, teachers can manage their classes and review progress of the class or individual children in the gradebook.

zondle has over 315,000 users in over 50 countries and those users answer 7.5m questions each month on zondle.

 zondle’s core functionality is free (and always will be) and there are a range of paid-for zondle Extras which include expert created content from zondle and other publishing partners as well as rewards to further keep children engaged with their learning.


zondle TABLES!

With the new National Curriculum (2014) focusing heavily on times tables to 12 x 12, it’s a perfect time for zondle TABLES!

Zondle TABLES! Includes:

  • a starter topic (collection of questions) that can help teachers assess prior knowledge
  • 4 practice topics cover multiplication and division facts a number of times to help children embed the learning in their long term memory.
  • Missing numbers topics for each table further secure the learning and test understanding of the concepts of multiplication and division.
  • An assessment topic can be used by teachers to see how much children have learned.
  • 8 mixed topics follow the National Curriculum progression and help children to build their tables skills.
  • 8 tricky topics focus on those tables facts that we know children struggle with from previous results on zondle. This means that those facts get extra coverage to help children secure them.
  • Finally printable tests allow teachers to assess each times table and the Key Facts booklet is a simple resource that children can use to scaffold their work on tables.

zondle TABLES is just £100 (+VAT) for a one year, whole school licence (that means ALL children in each school can have access to the product for a whole year.

Any teacher wanting to try a sample can visit: http://www.zondle.com/mp/?v=1.104 and download the 3 times table sample pack to try with their class.

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