WOW! The Photo Math App! Download, take a picture and let it answer any Math question!

Photo Math App

Now is this the solution to your ongoing Maths problems? Can this really solve any maths problem by simply taking a picture of the question? Well the video below seems to suggest that this is the case. I like the fact that the app will not just give an answer but will show how it got the answer step by step. Download the photo maths app from itunes  and let us know what you think below. Get learners to use it in the classroom to check their answers, encourage them to use it to validate questions instead of using it as a cheat on homework tasks.

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Be sure to check out the Top Maths app available to download for your phone and for those Android users, the Photo Math App will be available to download to android phones in 2015. Comments are FREE, so please leave one below.

photomath app

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  1. Emma says:

    Loved the idea so just downloaded but was disappointed to find that the app doesn’t support hand written problems

  2. magicalmaths says:

    That is a shame, I am sure in their later versions they will!

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