Why you should always have a world map in your class room! Download a free world map image clipart picture

World Map in Your Classroom

This blog entry tries to answer the question to why all educators should  have a world map displayed in their class rooms. If you do not have one download a free world map image clipart picture below, laminate it, and display it at the front of your class.

For Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural purposes I find having a world map on the wall very useful, as when, in a lesson a country or a city comes up in discussions, it is easy to refer to the world map location and participate in some cross curricular questioning.

Great Scratch Map

Luckies Scratch Map Personalised World Map

Download a Map Image

There are several games that you can play as starters or plenaries to your lesson that include the “capital city” game and “Alphabet” list. I also have a map with pins in indicating  the nationalities off all the people that have ever set foot into the class room.

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  1. Japleen Kaur says:

    This is a great idea! Will try to do this. Thank you.

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