Why Amazon Prime for teachers is one of the best resources for any educator! Really? No? Try it!

Amazon PRIME For Teachers – Free Trial for Teachers and Students

Now take a minute and just read on as some pessimists will think this is just a ploy of getting you to sign up to the Amazon Prime FREE trial, but it is not ! I signed up to Amazon prime a couple of months ago, initially on their FREE trial and then eventually continued the trial as I found it so useful and it saved me money too. Signing up to Amazon Prime  for teachers has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made as I absolutely love the customer service that it brings and the time it saves me.

As a busy teaching practitioner who is constantly thinking of new ideas, resources and teaching aids for my pupils and lessons I find it frustrating to have to wait to trial my crazy ideas. Amazon Prime for teachers has given me the quick access to products, allowing me to purchase products and delivered to my door within 24-48 hours.

Now one of the great things is that it is absolutely FREE and if you do not believe me then you have nothing to lose as it will not cost you a penny to sign up. For more information on how Amazon Prime works please click here.

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