Why study Maths Alevel or Maths at University? Thinking about studying Mathematics!

Why study Maths?
So you are thinking about studying Maths at College or University and you want to know more about why you should do it. Studying Mathematics has so many benefits for your future and various aspects of your life, below is a summary of a few;
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Why are you deciding to study Maths? Why did you study Maths? What happened to you?
Study Maths – Employability
  • Mathematics A level and Degree graduates are in high demand by employers.
  • Maths is the essential transferable component across all science, engineering, technology and maths subjects.
  • Currently 59% of employers state they are having difficulty recruiting people with Mathematics skills.
Study Maths –  Financial Reason
  • Those with maths A level earn on average around 10% more than those without.
  • The average graduate starting salary is
  • £17 715. However, the average starting salary for a maths graduate is £19 342.
  • A person with a maths degree can expect to earn £220 000 more over their lifetime than a person whose education ceased at A level.

Study Maths

Study Maths – Prerequisite
  • You must have A level Maths if you wish to study : Maths, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or Accountancy at University.
  • Geography, Psychology, Biology, Medicine and Sports Science degrees all use advanced maths skills

Study Maths – Respect

  • Employers and University Admission tutors recognise A level Maths as an excellent qualification.
  • Top Universities such as Cambridge value  A level Maths and Further Maths along with the 3 Sciences as more suitable A level choices than others when applying for any science related degree.

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