What to Know Before Going into Teaching

Teaching is a time-consuming position, but it is also a noble industry because you are impacting the next generation. There are several things you should think about before you decide to make this your career path.

Becoming Educated

Often, the educational path to becoming a teacher is a grueling one. It will depend on the type of teaching you decide to go into, but while getting your degree, you may need to work in the classroom for a certain number of hours. And your graduate degree can be expensive, so you may want to consider taking out a student loan from a private lender to cover the cost of the degree. With Earnest graduate student loans, they allow you to cover the costs easily.

Committing Time

To be effective in this industry, you should know that the amount of time you devote to work should be spent with the children and not doing something else. Grading and coming up with lesson plans might be done outside of normal work hours. Plus, you will need to come up with some time for professional development in order to grow.

Understand the Compensation

There are many things you can do with an education degree but if teaching is your passion, you should know what to expect salary-wise. You have likely heard that teachers do not make that much money compared to professionals in other positions. However, districts and states might have different compensation levels, and you have to take the cost of living in that area into account. Plus, you should consider the amount of time you will be working.

You might only start out with $30,000, but the district may give you two months off during the summer and more time off around the winter holidays. Divide the salary among the actual number of hours worked to determine how much you are getting per hour. You could get a temporary job during the times you are off. Or take on a side hustle that allows you to increase or decrease your hours worked as needed.

Meeting Expectations

In this industry, you might be pitied or revered, at the same time. When people hear you are a teacher, they might say they couldn’t do what you do, or they could tell you stories about their own poor teachers. And you may receive others’ condolences when you tell them you are a teacher. At the same time, you might be respected for training up the next generation. Understand that you may get mixed reactions when talking about your profession.

Many people have expectations of what a teacher should do and be like in the community. You might not have realized that you will have various people puling you in differing directions. As a teacher, you will be a coach, nurse, parent, career advisor, friend, and coordinator of activities. Even in one class, there will be students from a range of abilities and skillsets. Your success in the role will depend on how well you are able to customize the curriculum and reach each student on an individual level. It’s challenging, but if you are successful, it will be extremely rewarding.

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