What Maths equipment do I need to buy for Mathematics lessons or class?

What Maths equipment do I need to buy for Mathematics lessons or class?

Coming to Maths lessons with the correct equipment is paramount and there is a correlation between successful learners and those who come to lessons fully equipped. It should be noted that one aspect of behaviour for learning is coming to any lesson ready to learn, and that includes being prepared by having the right equipment.

1) A Calculator is a must!!

There are many calculators on the market but the casio range always does it for me. I find the Casio FX-83GTPLUS Scientific Calculator one of the best out there and it  is recommended and authorised by all the exam boards. This calculator has some amazing hidden functionality that allows learners to perform better in calculator exams. It can be purchased here are a very good price: Casio FX-83GTPLUS Scientific Calculator

 2) A Geometry set that includes a compass, protractor, pencil and a ruler 

A  good quality geometry set allows learners to answer shape and space questions in Math lessons effectively.  You can buy a very cheap set from large super markets but I find they break easily. If you want a long lasting set that comes in a tin than the following can be purchased: Oxford Educational Supplies Geometry Set in a Tin

3)Revision Guides and Books

A great summary of the top Maths revision guides or books can be found here

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