What is the Post 16 English and Maths Condition of Funding?

Post 16 English and Maths Condition of Funding?

The Education Funding Agency has updated its Maths and English condition of funding processes. Qualifications that can be taught that meet the condition of funding now include A and AS levels, and they have set out the details of this. They have also provided more information on IGCSEs and clarified their advice on continuing students.

The flowchart below summaries the condition of funding and will help making decisions about Maths and English funding. The flowchart is designed to help post-16 institutions in determining what English and maths courses a student should enrol on as part of their study programme to meet the English and maths condition of funding. It should be used in conjunction with the full guidance available here: https://www.gov.uk/16-to-19-fundingmaths-and-english-condition-of-funding.

Flowchart of Condition of Funding

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