What is the national numeracy strategy?

 The national numeracy project defines numeracy as “knowing about numbers and number operations”

The policy states that numerate pupils should be confident in numeracy without immediately going to teachers or friends for help. In summary they should;

  • Have a sense of the size of a number and how it fits into the number system
  • Know by heart basic number facts such as number bonds, times tables, doubles and halves
  • Calculate accurately both mentally and with a pencil and paper
  • Be confident using a calculator
  • Make sense of number problems and know the operations to solve them
  • Know that their answers are reasonable and have strategies to check them
  • Explain their methods using the correct mathematics language
  • Suggest suitable units for measuring and make sensible estimates of measurements
  • Explain and make sensible predictions from numerical data in a graph, chart or table.
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