What is the difference between an OfSTED good and outstanding lesson?

One question I am asked all the time is what is the difference between an ofsted good and an ofsted outstanding.

There is no set teaching style or type of lesson that makes a lesson outstanding. However,  for an outstanding lesson pupils must make outstanding progress;

  • Decide what that means for students in your class
  • Understand what ‘outstanding’ looks like
  • Link this to grade boundaries and assessment criteria.
  • Understand how to demonstrate the terminology of the top grade criteria
  • Model for students.
What you need to consider when you plan for an outstanding lesson;
  • Level / Grade outcomes
  • Relentless questioning –Follow on questions that move up Bloom’s
  • Consolidate but beware unnecessary repetition
  • Beware tasks that require students to merely reproduce

Just to add if you are Mathematics teacher and you want to develop your practice than Jayne Bartlett’s Becoming an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher is a great book to read and develop your Mathematics teaching pedagogy. Try the book or some of the ideas discussed above and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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