What is Blooms Taxonomy? How about a list of Bloom Taxonomy Verbs?

What is Blooms Taxonomy? How about a list of Bloom Taxonomy Verbs?

Bloom Taxonomy

Blooms taxonomy is a process of identifying fundamental questions within the education system that help to delivering effective learning and deeper understanding of concepts. The idea was named after “Benjamin Bloom” who was the chair of the group of educators that created the taxonomy.

What is Blooms Taxonomy and how can you use it in your lessons to develop high level thinking skills and questioning. It is a great idea to have this poster on Blooms Taxonomy at the front of your room to remind you to use the right level of questioning to ensure effective Assessment For Learning. If you are looking for bloom taxonomy verbs then the poster below has a comprehensive list that can be used when you are developing high order thinking questions.

Bloom Taxonomy Books

A selection of books on Bloom Taxonomy that are worth a read if you are interested in the area. I highly recommend the second, please click on the images below.

Blooms Taxonomy Verbs

This is a great summary of Blooms Taxonomy in a nutshell in a language that can be understood by all. There are some great resources on Blooms Taxonomy available on the web that can be used to develop your lessons and also get your learners to understand the different levels of questioning.


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