What does SMSC mean? What is SMSC in schools and teaching?

SMSC stands for Spiritual Moral Social & Cultural.

These are areas that should be covered and more importantly embedded into any school curriculum. These are things that OfSTED are currently looking out for when they go into a school which wants to be classified as “Outstanding”.


Examples: beliefs, religious or not, showing interest and  respect for people’s values and feelings; sense of enjoyment in learning about themselves, others and the world; use of imagination and creativity; reflecting on key questions of meaning and truth; creative and expressive arts related to the human and natural sciences; valuing relationships, developing a sense of belonging; developing their own views and ideas on religious and spiritual issues; teaching encourages ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘where’ as well as ‘what’.


Examples: right and wrong; moral conflict; a concern for others; willing to do what is right; reflect on the consequences of their actions and learn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the knowledge, skills, make responsible moral decisions.


Examples: the responsibilities, rights of being members of families and communities (local, national and global); ability to relate to others including a range of religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; to work with others for the common good; belonging and participating; active contribution to the democratic process, communities.


Examples: cultural traditions, respect for their own culture and that of others, an interest in differences, understand, appreciate and contribute to culture; willingness to participate and respond to eg artistic, musical, sporting, mathematical, technological, scientific and cultural opportunities; respect diversity

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