:: What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 May June 2016 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes?

What are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 May June 2016 Grade Boundaries and Mark Scheme?

Below are the EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 June 2016 Paper 1 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes and EdExcel GCSE Linear Mathematics 1MA0 June 2016 Paper 2 Grade Boundaries and Mark Schemes. Check out the previous years’ Grade boundaries and Mark Schemes to make a comparison.

If you are looking for EdExcel Grade Boundaries 2016 for other subjects then there is a PDF of these available here. The results for this year have been very interesting and the national figures show an interesting picture. Be sure to check out the reviews of some great maths resources to aid in the teaching of Mathematics available on the site.

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Grade Boundaries










1MA0F Foundation tier 142 122 102 82 62
1MA0H Higher tier  170 140 105 70 35 17
Download Mark Schemes EdExcel GCSE June 2016 Mark Schemes
 edexcel grade boundaries maths June 2016 1MA0
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  1. Fergus says:

    When are the grade boundaries for 2016 exams released by edexcel/pearson ?

    Best Regards


  2. Julie says:

    EDEXL/GC GCSE/FC 1MAOF Mathematics A (Linear) Option F Grd1 = D Points 34 Has this paper been marked incorrectly as the higher paper? Don’t understand how it’s been worked out based on the above Grade Boundaries.

    • magicalmaths says:

      Total from both papers

      • Julie says:

        Thank you for reply. Total from both papers according to school was 138/200 only 4 marks away from a C grade 🙁
        When you say total from both papers, where do we find on the grade boundaries the conversion to 34 points for the linear paper?
        Just want to understand how it’s been worked out. Do you think 4 marks away from the next grade up is worth a re-mark?

    • Sarah says:

      My son had a similar mark for the Higher paper, it does not match up to the grade boundaries. He got 34 points but awarded a D ?

  3. Kari says:

    Wtf? I got 52 points and got an A in the higher paper did you take linear? Also 138/200 marks is like 69% I thought that was equivalent to a high B or low A??

  4. Kieran wilson says:

    I got 34 points which was a D ? Does anyone know how many marks 34 points equates to ? I just want to know how far off a C I was.

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