[VIDEO] I hate Algebra! I Can’t do Algebra! F*$k Algebra! #mathsfunny

I hate algebra

This video extract from Billy Connolly is actually pretty funny and although he makes it out that he does not understand Algebra it is clear that he does have some understanding. Now the short extract below is where the problem lies with the learning of Algebra. The issue is, its perception and promotion outside of the Maths classroom. Parents, students, Non Maths teachers and society in general have this negative attitude towards this Mathematical study and Billy Connolly’s stand up sketch is a prime example of this.

Comments are FREE, please leave one below! Do you agree with Billy? Do you disagree? Do you hate algebra! Did you ever learn the B times table : )

i hate algebra

Billy Connolloy on Algebra

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  1. Holly says:

    Billy kills me every time.

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