Using traffic lights as an assessment of learning tool in the class room! Reflect on progress!

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Assessment of Learning

Recently I attended a school presentation on students reflecting on their learning. There were lots of great ideas on how to provide the opportunity for students to self reflect. The challenge for me was to think of a way for all my year 1 students to be able to understand how to reflect back on their learning and demonstrate this to me. My class includes students that speak English as a second language and some students with learning difficulties.

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I adapted one of the ideas which involves using a traffic light image to be placed on each students table and use counters as indicators of how they feel they are going with the task. The green light represent that the students understand the task, the orange light means they have a question to ask about the task and red light means that they need the task re- explained. This method was successful with the students as it is an easy concept which they can easily relate to. An surprising unforeseen success was that the students showed initiative by assisting each other, if a student placed a counter or the orange or red light.

Comments are FREE, please leave one below. How do you use the traffic light system in your class?

Top 5 Traffic light systems in the class room for Assessment of learning 2

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  1. Angeles Penovich says:

    This is a brilliant way by which to facilitate the students to both voice their learning capabilities as well support one another with a given task, hence, strengthen friendships.

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