Top 5 steps to Improve your resilience and stay strong >> Great advice!

Top 5 steps to Improve your resilience and stay strong >> Great advice!


How do you bounce back when the educational world gets tough?

Do you want more energy and to feel less stressed?

Try these simple steps to help sustain you and improve your resilience in overcoming barriers and improving your personal and professional effectiveness.

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1. Set yourself a goal or aspiration and identify when and how you are going to celebrate its achievement. Keep it somewhere to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.

2. Write a list of everything that makes up your day to day life at the moment both in work and in leisure time. Give each of them a score out of ten as to how much time they are currently taking up. Identify those activities which you’d like to score more highly and then make time next week to do more of them .

Spending a  little more time on those activities will give  you more pleasure and the energy to better tackle the tough stuff

3.  Focus on your successes and what made them successful. Gaining an understanding of how you achieve success helps you to plan to be more successful in the future . Writing those successes down can keep you motivated if a barrier arises.

4. Remind yourself of why you chose the route you have taken and what inspired you to do so. Seek out something that inspires you again in the same way.

5. Give a friend or family member the task of helping to address your work life balance. Find an activity that you both enjoy and do it together on a regular basis – each of you ensuring that the other attends!!

The main thing is to keep working at it, keep checking for signs that things are getting stressful and keep reminding yourself that you are doing an amazing job.

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