Top 3 rules that only apply in schools, FUNNY! Number 3 is the best!

As an educational practitioner take a step back for a minute and really analyse what we ask our learners to do on a day to day basis and the expectations we set.  Some of the rules that we define in school are border line ridiculous and would not be expected in real life. Below are some rules that apply only in schools that I found floating around on twitter, so thank you to the author.

If you any other rules that you have thought about or have any comments please share or comment below.

Below are the top 3 rules that only apply in schools for learners : )

  1. You may only work with people your own age!
  2. Regardless how “engaging” you find a topic, you can only be engaged at set times – When we tell you!
  3. Everyone in the organisation, teachers and pupils must urinate in the same 15 minute window of time

Top 3 rules that only apply in schools

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