Top 20 Discussions Senior and Middle Leaders should expect when OfSTED call! RING RING!

So you are a senior leader and you have had that phone call or anticipating the nod as OfSTED are “around”.

Do not panic! Always remember that OfSTED inspectors are like you and me, they are human and probably as nervous as you. It is true that some are absolute *******s, but the majority want the best for education in this country and go into a lesson wanting to give it a grade 1.

As well as the standard lesson observations that will always focus on the core subjects on the first day (Maths & English first 2-3 periods of the 1st day). There are many areas that inspectors will investigate and have discussions with key leaders in the school.

The Perfect OfSTED lesson

The Perfect OfSTED lesson

Key points that are very likely to be discussed or investigated:

  1. Choice of management structure, staffing and budgeting difficulties in the school/faculties
  2. How senior teachers and subject leaders are supported?
  3. How do middle leaders undertake monitoring and feedback to other staff?
  4. How do senior leaders work with the Governing Body?
  5. Finance and Personnel
  6. Inclusion and Child Protection
  7. Drugs and Sex Education
  8. Racist incidents and Anti-bullying
  9. Tracking and sustainability of achievement/progress through year groups
  10. Monitoring of Teaching Assistants
  11. SMSC provisions
  12. Quality of teaching and learning of specific teachers
  13. Choice of SLT and their roles and responsibilities
  14. Data Analysis and Attainment focussing specifically on target setting and data management. How as data making an impact?
  15. Teaching and Learning and interventions put in place to develop pedagogy. There was a focus on Mathematics in the discussion and explanations and justifications were made for the poor results and the unsatisfactory teaching in lessons.
  16. The capacity of the leadership group to move the school forward
  17. Pupil Premium budget, the action and strategies and the most important discussion the impacts that extra funding has made. 
  18. Appraisals and Threshold processes
  19. How and subject coordinators and teachers are supported, how they undertake monitoring and feedback?

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