Top 10 “proposed” government GCSE KS4 changes? #teacherROAR UPDATED!!

There are many changes at the individual subject level but below are some general changes that are being proposed across all or many subjects. Please note that some of these have just been proposed and are scheduled to be introduced in 2015. The government are making U turns all the time so this list is changing or being added to all the time.

Please leave your comments below to update the list or to start a discussion.

michael gove image picture clipart

michael gove image picture clipart

  1. Replacement of A*-G grades with a new numerical scale with 8 as the highest and 1 as the lowest grade
  2. Assessment by end of course examination rather than coursework or controlled assessment in most cases
  3. Linear rather than modular course design
  4. Discontinuation of foundation and higher tiered papers to have a single exam paper for all candidates in all subjects apart from mathematics and sciences 
  5. Removal of opportunity to resit individual elements of the course
  6. Expectation that courses will be of two years’ duration 
  7. A stronger focus on literacy and numeracy
  8. Students not achieving a ‘pass’ in English and mathematics will be required to study the subjects post-16
  9. Consultation to 20 August on subject content and assessment objectives by DfE
  10. Parallel Ofqual consultation on regulatory requirements

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