Top 10 funny detention slips, the last one is hilarious!

Funny Detention Slips

These are the top 10 funny detention slips issued to pupils around the globe! Some of them are very funny and some I still do not get. None the less try not to share the funny detention slips with your students! The funny detention slips were collected from tweets across the globe so thank you to everyone on-line who contributed to the voting.

Now these detention slips were obviously issued to students for some very bad behaviour and must of been very well deserved : ). However, due to political correctness and the threat of being shared on social media I think not many teachers would think twice about issuing detention slips like this  ; ). Would you?

Top 10 Funny Detention Slips

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  1. magicalmaths says:

    How funny are these

  2. Heather says:

    how do you get to the next one?

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