The *real* secret to passing the Numeracy Skills Test ;)

The *real* secret to passing the Numeracy Skills Test ;)

Passing the Numeracy Skills Test

Did you know that in last year over 6 thousand people failed the Numeracy Skills Test on their first attempt! And since then they’ve made it harder, and capped the number of attempts. There is no question – the test is super hard, and the consequences of failing it are high. So what’s the secret to passing?

A wise teacher once claimed that the secret to passing the Numeracy Skills Tests was that there was no secret – that all you can do is practice. This is absolutely correct! However, there are some things that can give you the edge, and make the difference between failure and success.

DISCLAIMER: These ‘secrets’ are no substitute for proper learning and practice. It is recommended you sign up for Numeracy Ready, the Numeracy Skills Test Practice website to ensure that you are 100% prepared.

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Numeracy Skills Secret #1

In the Mental Arithmetic section, each question is read twice. When it is being read the first time, make a note of all the key information, so that you can start working on the answer while the question is being read the second time (take your earphones off one ear to help with this).

Numeracy Skills Secret #2

In the On Screen section, you can navigate back and forward between questions – make the most of this by by answering all the questions you are confident with first, and then come back to the ones you’re not sure about at the end.

Numeracy Skills Secret #3

Finally, leave any Multiple Answer questions till the end – these are a bit like multiple choice, except that you can choose more than one answer. Because there is a higher number of possible answer combinations, you have a greater chance of making an mistake and losing that crucial mark which could make all the difference between failing and passing.

@Magicalmaths: “Buy some revision guides books and work at your own pace going through as many questions as possible. Answers and guides are at the back of the book. A good book that I have used in the past is Passing the Numeracy Skills Test (Achieving QTS Series) ”

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