Take a Musical Mathematical Adventures with Adamup

We are 2 musical teachers who have developed a free Primary and SEN maths music resource (www.adamup.co.uk). Songs are centred around an alien called Adam Up who uses a magic calculator to solve various mathematical problems. Bearded ‘Number Crunchers’ pop out of the calculator and sing tricks and concepts using memorable, thematic, simple and catchy songs. We are still in the editing process but have lots of songs available in video/audio form. To be honest, we are looking for global domination and therefore trying to build up as many users/followers as we can before the final product comes out.

Please take a look and befriend us at:

Website- www.adamup.co.uk Twitter – #adamup_maths

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Adventures-of-Adam-Up/ 355014687936040?fref=ts

Youtube – search for ‘Samuel Kordan’

Please spread the word and get in touch to discuss ‘what went well’ and ‘even better ifs’. N.B- Please visit the PC version of the website as opposed to the mobile version. The mobile version is very basic and does not have all the songs and graphics that the PC version has.

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